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Michael Jorewicz is a bit of an anomaly. His knowledge of, and aptitude for, technology are amazingly good. His reputation for being able to analyze electronic solutions in any given situation has placed him in a special position: that of the one person you want in your corner when you have technological needs.

With humble beginnings, rising from a clerk at CBS Pacific Stereo to a salesperson to store manager to multi-store manager, Michael was a rising star of that short-lived electronics company, winning many awards and being tasked to help plan the company’s future designs, based on the successful changes he initiated at his stores.

He translated that success into a long-term position with the electronics giant Panasonic, becoming one of the most respected and most successful account managers in the company’s history. Salesman Of The Year for multiple consecutive years, multiple Quota Buster awards, President’s Club status in two divisions for annual sustained 125% of quota, and a special award by the company’s founder for more than 300 ideas Michael gave to Panasonic, many of which are still in use in products today. The secret to his success? Unlimited knowledge and understanding of electronics and how to best use them to solve clients’ needs, as well as laser-like focus on helping his commercial clients grow their business through purchasing his products.


Michael parlayed those experiences into a series of positions of increasing complexity and responsibility, preparing himself for his ultimate role – and his life’s passion: owner and president of Vejóre, the company he is positioning to solve today’s most pressing issues in technology.

Those experiences, frankly, have been wildly divergent and impressive: a nightclub he designed and installed in the 1970s that is still functioning well today! Working with dignitaries from around the world, often in high-level situations that required discretion.display A video project with Enron Field, now Minute Maid Park, including its center field restaurant. Then projects at the Houston Rockets’ former training facility as well as their facility at Toyota Center; in fact, his work there was so respected that he was asked to come back for further work. Michael’s work has led to comprehensive projects with both NBA celebrities as well as executive-level clients whose tastes, desires, and budgets – and thus results – are beyond the norm.

All of which means that Vejóre provides safe and security solutions for technology: automation, A/V, energy management, lighting, control, and more. Vejóre realizes that selecting the right aging & accessibility and cyber security custom installer/integrator for your project is challenging. So how can you select the right company for your project? Let Michael Jorewicz guide you.

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