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Cyber Security


In an age of increasing cyber crime and cyber terrorism, Vejóre protects you. Safe – Secure – Done Right

Smart devices that are internet-, WiFi-, cellular-, or wireless-based will make our everyday lives more stress-free and simple, but they can also open up the gates to new opportunities for criminals and terrorists.

Cyber Security ENSURES safe and secure data and audio/video streaming.

The effective way to plan for a safe and secure environment with:

Application Development
Define your application’s security policies and mitigate vulnerabilities in your development process, network, and hosting. Design safeguards against threats and mitigate security breaches.
Cloud Computing
Migrating computing to the cloud has many advantages. Vejóre can help you select the best option to secure your valuable information.
Risk Management
Understand information security risks and consequences, and prioritize protection of your IT systems and business.

Vejóre’s Methodology:

  • Analyze information systems, processes, and applications

  • Document and prioritize gaps

  • Identify risks and vulnerabilities

  • Review requirements and security policies




Cyber Security Safe/Secure Services & Benefits

Application Security: Effectively assess, manage, and secure your organization’s web usage and business-critical applications

Business Continuity: Establish backup plans so that business can continue during and after catastrophic events

Cloud Security: Use security services that help secure migration to the cloud

Data Security: Protect your sensitive data, increase compliance, and mitigate risk

Governance & Compliance: Better manage risk, compliance, and governance needs

Identity & Access Management: Establish backup plans so that business can continue during and after catastrophic events

Managed Security Operations: Secure your information security assets and lower your costs

Mobile Security: Protect mobile devices, secure connectivity, ensure appropriate access, & safeguard data/applications

Penetration Testing: Effectively assess, manage, and secure your organization’s web usage and business-critical applications

Risk Assessment: Identify areas of potential risk and design a customized, complete security solution

Businesses and homes are becoming more dependent on applications, devices, and services to be connected with the growing cloud computing services, social media, smartphones, e-mails, and wired/wireless devices for personal use and in an effort to increase efficiency and revenues in a business. These dependencies become larger targets for cyber criminals and cyber terrorism.

Vejóre customized cyber service - Rollout Plan:

Phase 1 - On Site Assessment, Inventory, and Risk Analysis
Phase 2 - Equipment Installation, Customization, and Service Setup
Phase 3 - Passive Monitoring to Detect/Mitigate Existing Threats
Phase 4 - Ongoing Blocking, Monitoring, & Prevention of Cyber Threats


Scope: Dual Factor Authentication Setup:

  • Black Market Monitoring - Monitor over 50 underground markets to identify leaked information

  • Network Intrusion Prevention System - It functions as the "security guard" of your network. Blocks network communication from known bad geographies and cyber criminals

  • Device Encryption - If lost/stolen, criminals can't access data on device

  • Device Remote Wipe - If lost/stolen, can erase data with a kill pill

  • Data Backup – Outwit hackers who encrypt your data and won't undo without paying a ransom

  • Network Intrusion Detection System - It functions as the "security camera" of your network. Logs network communication to help identify cyber activity

  • Network Firewall - Blocks network ports not in use

  • Overseas DVR Storage and Kill Pill - Choose who can access your security camera DVR

  • DNS Filtering - Prevents known bad website from infecting phones/computers

  • Custom Router - Remotely accessible router to ensure network can be monitored 24x7x365

  • WiFi Authentication and Range Survey - Prevent unwanted access to your home network

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