About Us



Vejóre offers solutions for residential/commercial architects, builders, designers, developers,homeowners, and remodelers to implement future-proof safe and secure designs, turnkey solutions and technologies, including NAHB® design/build solutions for Aging & Accessibility (CAPS II), for the most technologically advanced client who wants it safe, secure, done right the first time, and within budget.Updated
Vejóre implements smart automation and control, audio/video, board & conference rooms, 4K, connectivity, cyber security, design, energy management, HDTV, home air, HVAC (climate control), IAQ, lighting, network, ProAV, security/LPR/surveillance systems, structured wiring, WAP (Wireless Access Point), whole business and home surge & conditioning, emergency warning evacuation systems and path lighting, ADA-compliant entranceways, and more for the true future-proof building. Automation technology streamlines and simplifies all the technology in a home or business. The founder has been providing solutions since 1979.
Vejóre’s unwavering mission is old-school “customer service, and doing it right the first time,” focusing daily on achieving the clients’ goals while keeping them safe and secure.
Vejóre is the business and home technology provider for today’s clients who are dependent on easy-to-use, safe & secure technologies that are required to be current throughout ownership. Vejóre was founded on the belief that every client deserves world-class customer service and for the job to be completed right the first time. Vejóre accomplishes this vision by seamlessly integrating safe, secure, future-proofed technologies into each and every project, whether for a home or a business.