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Vejóre realizes that selecting the right custom installer/integrator for your project is challenging. We are all so addicted to technology that is safe, secure, and easy to use, and we need it to be done right, the first time. So how can you select the right company for your project?
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Our addiction to technology means that selecting the right custom installer/integrator is challenging. Vejóre’s collaborative team has more than 150 years’ experience providing our clients the most intuitive, integrated, future-proof, and easy-to-use custom solutions available today. Your project must be technologically relevant – and done right – long after the installation is complete. So how can you select the right company for your project? Consider some Vejóre advantages and solutions:


Advanced, easy-to-use technologies that architects, builders, business owners, designers, developers, homeowners, and remodelers blend seamlessly into their project, done right the first time.


Vejóre’s collaborative global team of experienced certified consultants brings over 35 years of experience with deep knowledge ofcollaborative global team many industry vehicles found not only in the communications media & technology, financial services, health care, and oil & gas industries, but also into the home. We can bring cost-effective information security to any type of business or home, to protect the most important digital assets while ensuring all environments are safe and secure.


Vejóre’s world-renowned customer service identifies gaps from the first discovery, through design & engineering, and implementation with check-and-balance systems. These policies, practices, and leadership practices produce an easy-to-use, safe and secure final project design.



Vejóre insists on easy-to-use interface systems that rely on Apple® iOS and Android® devices.


Another Vejóre passion is ensuring our businesses and homeowners use only safe and secure, cutting-edge technology systems. Since 1979, we have been focusing on our clients’ needs for comfort, convenience, entertainment, luxury, and peace of mind.


Vejóre makes the most of your iOS and Android devices with a Savant® System. Savant's award-winning TrueControl II app allows for control and automation of audio/video, comfort, security, energy management, entertainment, lighting, and many other subsystems and technologies.TV-wall
Vejóre makes the most of your Apple® iOS device with Savant® integration to create the perfect automation and control system. Vejóre also makes the most of Apple® iOS and Android devices with Elan G®. With Elan® G, Creston®, and Savant®. Vejóre can integrate one of these operating systems to safety and and securely control audio/video, climate, energy management, HDTV, 4K, lighting, shades, and many other subsystems and technologies directly from your iPad®, iPhone®, iMac®, or Android® devices.


Vejóre defines “Smart” as safe and secure and easy to use automation and control that is so simple and unified that anyone of any age without direction can simply control audio/video, climate, doors, gates, garage doors, lighting, motorized window treatments, pool/spa, security, and more by just the push of an electronic button such as iOS device, smartphones, tablets, WiFi remote control, or any internet-connected device.


The Vejóre consulting, discovery, and design team has a professional understanding of how businesses and homes use technology, what products and solutions work best with all uses, how products, services, and systems work with each other, and what most clients appreciate and use in their day-to-day life, with insight of future-proof technology trends. Vejóre’s team collaborates closely with the client and the architect, builder, developer, remodeler, and/or other trades to ensure that the final project is done right the first time, within budget, and on time. Vejóre’s professional team is friendly and well informed, the designers are extremely well-versed in all areas of safe and secure technologies. The integrators’ skilled craftsmen offer a tremendous advantage to our commercial and residential clients.


Vejóre is not married to any particular brand, system, or technology. We supply service, solutions, and technology that is just right for a business or home, regardless of the brand. Vejóre has affiliations with some of the most technological and influential manufacturers that, day-to-day, directly shape and affect our commercial and residential industry.


sotaVejóre brings complete consultation, discovery, education, design, knowledge, and project management throughout the process because we understand that the client appreciates high quality, safety and security, as well as easy-to-use service and technologies.

Vejóre can improve a business or home with:

Cyber Secure & Security Software and network Energy efficient / Energy management Aging & Accessibility Surveillance
Support for accessibility Smart / future-proof Support for today’s aging population Golf Simulator Eco-friendly
Multi-generational occupancy Evacuations Solutions Business & home surge / conditioning Home Air / HVAC EV Refueling
Cabinet Refinishing LEDs Cellular phone boosting New building ideas & technology Energy Management Wiring needs
This is where an electronic-commercial / residential design professional like Vejóre comes in.

Vejóre provides low-voltage design layout

Computerized layouts provide clarity for the builder, homeowner, trades, and the Vejóre team, eliminating mistakes based on handwritten copies, faxes, and scanned information, plus doing it right the first time. The annotations are easy for your homeowner to understand and are archived for future access.


Vejóre’s discovery/site security/time management

Vejóre understands the importance of marketing information, site security, and time management and we work with you to ensure optimum performance and results.

Vejóre and the colladoratide group fits all needs and budgets

Control4® Authorized, Certified, and Trained Dealer
Elan G® Authorized, Certified, and Trained Dealer Savant® Authorized, Certified, and Trained Dealer Plus others

Vejóre security, surveillance, and access control

With cameras in and around a business or home, you can monitor activities whether you’re local or halfway around the globe. You can grant access electronically. And we can route your security system through a central monitoring system, alerting you via email or text message of events that you set.


Vejóre simply and easy control

If you just have “TOO MANY” remote controls and you can’t figure out which does what, Vejóre has the right solution! Intelligent business & home control devices and designs put an end to remote overload. Vejóre’s solution allows anyone in your business or home to operate the entertainment system, lights, shades, video, thermostats, shades, and more.

Vejóre services to make business & home projects become a reality and right the first time:

Security Software / Secure & Safe Network Security & Surveillance Systems Solar Energy & Water Recovery Music & Video in Every Room Access and Entry Systems
Lighting and Shade Comfort & Control Home Theater & Media Rooms Temperature (HVAC) Control IAQ (Interior Air Quality) Energy Management
Conference & Boardroom Technology Outdoor Lighting and Sound ProAV Design & Installation Audio / Video Calibration Automation and Control

Vejóre offers AcousticSmart®

Selecting a predesigned theater offers you certain security. You'll know what you're getting before you order it, so you can select the exact look you're seeking. And you'll know the price ranges, so you can select the exact options you want to pay for.
Automation eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust drapes, lights, temperature, and audio/video components. Automation technology streamlines and simplifies all the technology in a home or business, offering the “ULTIMATE” in comfort and convenience for a business or a home.

Vejóre offers solutions for every home or business need, from complete control of boardrooms/conference rooms to every room in a home, RV, boat or yacht, to houses of worship and anywhere in between.

Vejóre offers support to its clients with residential and commercial architects , builders, designers, developers, homeowners, and remodelers in the areas of accessibility and aging. Items that will help people with automation, control, lighting, emergency warning systems and path lighting, construction of doors and doorways, and more.

Vejóre has certification in many areas, including NAHB® Design/Build Solutions for Aging & Accessibility (CAPII) and BBB, and maintains membership in many originations like the Houston Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce; AIA; AMA; GHBA; Texas Association of Builders; Builders, Remodelers, and Sales & Marketing Council; and NAHB.

Vejóre offers automation monitors, help, and assistance for our aging and disabled population, helping with the 4 M’s:

Motion sensors         Motion pads         Medication reminders         Medical alerts