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Power Conditioning and Surge Protection



Vejóre can provide you safe and secure surge protection products for all your data, audio, video, phone, electrical, and grounding needs. With the use of Transient Protection Design products, your business or home will have reduced exposure to electronic damage and lockups due to transient surges, which are an impulse of undesirable electrical energy in the electrical or data system and can degrade and destroy electronic components. Even the smallest transients (less than 50 volts) can lock up electronics and cause reprogramming issues. Approximately 20% of electrical transients come from outside the building and enter into the breaker panel, while 80% of electrical transients at the breaker panel come from within the business or home when equipment is cycled on and off (such as air conditioners, dish washers, motors, vacuum cleaners etc.). Almost all are less than 1000 volts. These transients generated inside the building migrate into other equipment throughout the electrical wiring.

Lightning transients can be much more destructive. These enter the home by coupling onto miles of power, phone and cable utility lines and even travel in the copper lines, such as outdoor speakers, security cameras, and satellite lines, when strikes occur at or within 1/4 mile of the business or home. Vejóre can safeguard and extend the life of your equipment and electrical and data systems by protecting all electrical breaker panels, incoming phone and cable lines, and all other copper wires entering or exiting the building. Remember, a mere 50-volt surge can cause permanent damage and lockups.
What can Vejóre do to solve the problem of transient surges and poor power quality?

Each business and home has its own unique configuration, poor power, and surge challenges. Americans are addicted to technology and are more dependent on technology than ever, and system incompatibility has become an overwhelming issue in today’s high-tech world of computers, printers, electronic power supplies, networks, and sensitive silicon-based microchips. Mixing the old and new, with high-frequency noise, transients, and surges – and you have a recipe for disaster and liability.

Adding safe and secure Total Protection Design preventative products safeguards your power, data, and grounds going to mission-critical components. A Vejóre properly designed TPD system will solve many of the electrical failures and will ensure a dramatic reduction in downtime, as well as protect your business or home from annoying equipment lockups and glitches on a continual basis.
SPDsVejóre can properly install and network cutting edge Transient Protection Design devices (SPDs) that will provide solid protection against the transients, surges, and noise present in all your sensitive and expensive electrical systems. The safe and secure results will dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of your electrical system, increase system reliability and productivity, extend equipment life, and reduce equipment downtime and maintenance/repair costs.
power-management-componentsWhen it comes to the home theater, HDTV devices, or electrical devices such as modems, routers, and switches, Vejóre offers local power management components from Furman® and Panamax® to ensure the best sound and picture from your entertainment devices, but also for protecting those same devices from AC voltage irregularities and surges.

Vejóre can give you the power of control anywhere in the world via BlueBOLT™ Remote Power Management technology.Green-with-BlueBolt Vejóre can provide this safe, secure, and hosted IP (Internet Protocol) system control for remote monitoring and for control of the power to the connected equipment by accessing power management components from anywhere in the world. BlueBOLT™ provides the power to control complex A/V systems and networks from their most fundamental level - their power source!