Being a family-owned business, Vejóre strives to provide our clients with a safe and secure, innovative future-proof solutions for all their control, operation, and entertainment needs. We strive for complete satisfaction by proving personal and trustworthy before and after service.
We listen to our clients and understand their passions and expectations, providing turnkey, state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions that are easy to use, safe, secure, and done right the first time.

Loftwalls, Custom Furniture, Glass Boards, & Occupancy Systems


Let Vejóre and its collaborative experts transform your business or home with Intelligent Solutions.


Vejóre can help with intellegent safe and secure solutions for your business or home with room dividers/privacy partitions, that are not the ordinary old boring designs, but exceed the design and technology that we depend on. Let us help you with intelligent designs that evolve with the way we live and work. LOFTwall® has a mission to change the world, one space at a time, create innovative safe, secure, and intelligent solutions for any environment where you live and play. Vejóre and LOFTwall® can design new technology walls to fit the style and imagination of your space in five easy steps: just select your width, height, frame style, frame color, and materials for a custom home or office design to fit your style.
colorwallsIf you’re looking for a different safe and secure intelligent technology, take a look at a Houston-based and -manufactured product from Clarus Glassboards®, with wall systems that are more than that old fashion divider but also exceed expectations with features like:

  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc

  • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining

  • Durable, safe, secure, and lasting a long life

  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials

  • Customizable for your needs

  • “Tack” friendly surfaces with magnetic glass technology from Clarus Glassboards



From free-floating safe and secure room dividers and mark solutions, floor-to-ceiling wiring and tach surface where you can even place your company’s logo, picture and even projection screen back, Tack-boards are perfect for a boardroom, collaboration area, conference room, or even a child’s room. We offer elegant, architectural Clarius walling solutions, magnetic glass walls for high-end back-painted glass systems, and even customizable signage for conference rooms and offices.

Modern solutions for you business or home that is not a traditonal solution but an intellegent solutions…


Vejóre can help with state-of-the-art MDF Core, PlyCore & Solid Surface Architectural Panels for the walls of your business or home from Soelbery Industries. architectural-productsFrom headboards, to furniture, textured benches, coffee tables, barn doors, to full floor-to-ceiling walls, a complete line of intelligent textured panels and walls. Work with Vejóre’s collaborative group to design solutions with a wide variety of innovative textured architectural products, ranging from various rated MDF cores to real wood cores and even solid-surface translucent panels with a diverse set of smart choices to make your space unique. A full selection of customized safe and secure solutions with 3D laminate options.

Customize your furniture in your business or home including your theater!

Vejóre can transform any space into an engaging and entertaining, intelligent home or office design. If you're looking for elegant custom furniture that’s just right for your home or office, Vejóre’s collaborative experience group can create your unique design with Design Extraordinaire Furnishing®, logowhich is one of Houston’s leading elegant custom furniture manufacturing companies. Let Vejóre take your dream, ideas, picture, and make your dream a reality with a custom masterpiece that everyone will envy.
Whether it’s just upholstering your existing furniture to match your office or home theater, or creating a complete new design, or you’re looking for furnishings for the corporate world, hospitality, residential, student housing, or even your beach house, Vejóre and Design Extraordinaire Furnishing makes it easy.Stinson
We can custom manufacture furnishings beyond your imagination...choosing fabric from Design Extraordinaire Furnishing or from the Stinson® Collections, your custom-made furnishings will be made just the way you want it. Our collaborative experience group has extensive experience designing furniture for corporate housing, celebrities’ homes, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, student housing, and more.


Let Vejóre’s collaborative group create an intelligent design for your office with a full choice from our custom collections of solutions with a variety of arm caps, finishes, fabrics, and with wooden or powder-coated tubular metal legs, with or without casters.
Americans are addicted to technology and are more dependent on technology than ever. Our newborns have been involved with technology nearly from birth and the new iwatches® and fitness bands monitoring our health and even letting us know it’s time to stand up at work for a while, Vejóre can help create an intelligent home or office design. Select from a customized one-­‐of-­‐a-­‐kind desk from Design Extraordinare Furnishing® to a unique table using a state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art benching system that keeps that work surface slim, while providing support through sturdy beams and metal legs from TMC Furnishing®. Like all the hand-­‐picked manufacturers available from Vejóre, TMC uses state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technologies, like an angular knife edge which creates a clean look, perfect for any modern environment that requires flexible configurations without compromising design.

Find Out Exactly How Your Organization Works!

If you're a business owner and want to find out exactly how you organization works Vejóre can help your business with Wisenet® which is a safe and secure new automatic occupancy survey system for space analysis, floor plan analysis, space planning, and space utilization. organization-worksThe Wisenet® occupancy system was developed to allow a business to find out exactly how office space is used -­‐ giving you the power to reduce wastage and work more efficiently.

Wisenet occupancy system is a safe and secure complete automatic and integrated time utilization measurement system that captures data for almost any function and location in today's modern office -­‐ from workstations, meeting rooms, board, collaborative, and conference spaces to vending and break areas using patented wireless sensors (inconspicuous & can remain for longer study periods), that are placed in key positions and transmits data to a router which transmits that data to a base station, and then relays through the web to a safe and secure server at specified intervals. This reporting is easy to use and complete with understandable charts and tables, and available via a convenient, safe and secure web portal.


Wisenet electronic advantages include tracking data 24/7, and this date is a complete picture, as opposed to "spot-­‐checks" throughout the day.
Vejóre is confident that Wisenet’s occupancy system could become the next standard for measuring occupancy within the workplace, contact Vejóre today for more information on how Wisenet’s occupancy system can help you better understand exactly how your organization works and can become more efficient.
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