Being a family-owned business, Vejóre strives to provide our clients with a safe and secure, innovative future-proof solutions for all their control, operation, and entertainment needs. We strive for complete satisfaction by proving personal and trustworthy before and after service.
We listen to our clients and understand their passions and expectations, providing turnkey, state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions that are easy to use, safe, secure, and done right the first time.

Landscape Audio and Lighting (Home & Garden)



Vejóre can bring your favorite movies, music, and sporting events outdoors. Today’s architecture incorporates more outdoor living space than ever before, including audio, video, and safe and secure enterprise networks. With the growing emphasis on enhanced outdoor living spaces, we’re spending more time outdoors with family and friends as an extension of our home. Vejóre has a wide variety of state-of-the-art proven high-performance audio and video systems that rival their indoor counterparts. How about surround sound audio coverage enveloping your pool and even a hidden projection screen appearing on command? Or the latest in outdoor amplified and passive speaker systems, HDTVs, projector screens, and projectors that compliment the best outdoor kitchen grill. Our newest amplified loudspeaker technology and in-ground subwoofers and satellite speakers give powerful consistent sound quality and coverage while blending in with the landscape. The Vejóre collaborative team is ready to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level while enhancing your landscape with controllable matching lighting.
gardenWhether it’s a family member’s birthday, anniversary, or graduation party in the backyard, Vejóre has the solutions with Terra® or SpeakerCraft®, the world’s most diverse range of outdoor speakers.


SpeakerCraft’s ten new incredibly durable U.V. and weather-resistant Ruckus outdoor loudspeakers have incredible sonic capability and appearance, and can withstand any weather condition and blend in seamlessly with any surroundings. Even if they are chipped or marred, the material underneath is the same color and, just like an actual rock, will maintain their rock-like appearance.
If you’re thinking about taking to the great outdoors with an outdoor kitchen, video and music system, swimming pool, and fire pit, Vejóre can add another element you can enjoy all year round – outdoor lighting.

With ELAN g!, a simple touch can quickly turn on or off all your outdoor lighting, set the perfect party mood, or creating custom schedules for outdoor lighting and landscape lighting, and ensuring you a well-lighted home.


To control the new outdoor lighting, or even your old-fashioned landscape lighting, the Vejóre team can add an ELAN g! automation system. These systems are not just for mansions and yachts, although you’ll find them there, but they can be customized and personalized to operate not only lighting, but many of the items in your outdoor getaway. You could turn on the spa from the bedroom as you don your swimsuit. ELAN g! also lets you conserve energy with scheduling of pumps, water features and lighting, even controlling automated covers. Monitor your pool’s health, receive customized alerts, and even control the system from your smart phone. Vejóre can enhance the dials and switches of many irrigation systems that can be confusing and difficult to use into the ELAN g! automation/control system to take the guesswork out of watering your lawn, and puts you in control with a simple, easy-to-read display. From saving energy by dimming lights, managing shades and creating custom schedules for landscape lighting, conserving water by setting up personalized schedules, or giving landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustments, controlling your HVAC, audio, and video, and more, you’ll find an ELAN g! system that works. It all begins with a simple touch, intuitive control from handheld remote controls, in-wall touchscreens, and even with your smartphone or tablet.