Being a family-owned business, Vejóre strives to provide our clients with a safe and secure, innovative future-proof solutions for all their control, operation, and entertainment needs. We strive for complete satisfaction by proving personal and trustworthy before and after service.
We listen to our clients and understand their passions and expectations, providing turnkey, state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions that are easy to use, safe, secure, and done right the first time.

Energy Management


Safe and Secured Refined Intelligence….Made Simple


With real-time energy monitoring, it’s possible to look at your processes to see where energy is being used efficiently and inefficiently throughout your home or business. Let Vejóre engineer your control system to optimize energy consumption while maintaining comfort. Our collaborative group works closely with architects, builders, developers, businesses and homeowners who desire to execute such energy monitoring and saving ideas into their projects.


True energy management is real-time usage, where it’s being used, how efficient it is, and what the peak usage times are. Vejóre puts you in control to optimize energy consumption while maintaining comfort, safety, and security. These automation and control systems are easy to use and offer energy viewing, adjustment of electrical, irrigation, indoor/outdoor lighting, all from one device. Generators, energy cells, and solar panels all can also be incorporated into a single control system. Simply dimming lights, adjusting temperature presets, and opening and closing shades and drapes saves you money. And whether you’re at home or across the world, you can change settings and even be notified in real time what’s happening in your home or business.
Vejóre puts you in total control, with one easy-to-use interface on a wide variety of devices, from Android and iOS Device, remotes, in-wall touchpads, or even on your smartphone or tablet for when you’re at your busines or home or away.