Being a family-owned business, Vejóre strives to provide our clients with a safe and secure, innovative future-proof solutions for all their control, operation, and entertainment needs. We strive for complete satisfaction by proving personal and trustworthy before and after service.
We listen to our clients and understand their passions and expectations, providing turnkey, state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions that are easy to use, safe, secure, and done right the first time.

Complete Custom Theater


It’s time for an amazing experience in comfort, picture, and sound Done Right...

Your ultimate home theater is more than just purchasing high-end components; it’s the result of a collaborative-experience team discovering, designing, and choosing the best components within your budget, installing them correctly, and then fine-tuning them to the room’s unique acoustics to achieve the ultimate reproduction of sight and sound.
CompleteCustomerTTo achieve the best outcome and performance, hire a theater designer early in your planning stage, so he can review your home to determine the optimal room and screen size, speaker and acoustic placement, equipment needed, and seating location and capacity. With Vejóre’s collaborative team’s early involvement with your architect, contractor, and interior designer, you will achieve the ultimate design.
When it comes to budget, please don’t let anyone tell you video is more important than audio. After George Lucas and the Thomas Holman Experiment “THX,” it was found that the better the sound, the better the overall theater experience. As George Lucas stated many times, “Sound is 50% of the movie-going experience.”
The addition of an automation system is a plus for a customized theater. With a touch of a button, lights, sound, and screen come alive…even at the right temperature and the shades drawn! Vejóre can help you choose just the right automation control system for your theater.


Vejóre’s collaborative-experience team can ensure you achieve your ultimate theater dream, within your budget. Determining room and acoustic design and construction, type of automation/control, audio and video, enterprise-grade networking, ambient light and noise control, custom drapes and shades, lighting, millwork, climate control, custom seating, screen type and size, and even ceiling and wall design materials. When the above items are carefully discovered and designed together, within budget, and done right, the outcome is a true cinematic experience that ensures the movie and sound performance are not compromised.





Vejóre is a strong believer in using the newest technologies from Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, THX2, and DTS-X to move sound around you in a three-dimensional space, transporting you into your entertainment. As Dolby® Laboratory stated, “You won't just hear the glass break. You'll hear each shard flying past you.” Special acoustics, diffusers, and ceiling treatments isolate the room from outside noise, and the perfect sound, engineered speaker, screen, and projector placement optimize the video and audio experience. Part of Vejóre’s collaborative-experience team is The Sophia Design Group®, which is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective complete custom theater interior and acoustic solutions. Carefully positioned Sophia Design Group® theater seating allows for unobstructed viewing of your gaming and video content on the big screen. As stated by one of the founders of The Sophia Design Group®, “a theater must include the latest in the state-of the-art video and audio such as 4K and laser projection, and Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, THX2, and DTS-X.

All these technologies have their own requirements for the ultimate custom theater. Theater lighting and enhanced LED lighting is controlled easily to ensure the best picture delivery from 3D, high-definition, and 4K projectors. Today’s custom home theaters require safe, secure wired and wireless networking for improved presentations and on-line gaming. A cyber-secured network allows iOS, Android, and handheld devices, computers, cameras, NVRs, and DVRs to talk to theater equipment and the balance of the home. Today’s custom home theater equipment communicates with the internet for multiple reasons, including firmware updates; file sharing between BluRay players, computers, and media servers; and services like Netflix.

Vejóre-designed and installed home theaters will be the ultimate showcase of your home and the space you will love to escape to with your friends and family.

Rockets Custom Recliners

21 "one of a kind" dual motor recliners for 6' plus custom designed by Vejóre's founder and handmade in the USA by AcousticSmart