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Cellular Signal Boosting


Universal Indoor Cellular Signal Booster that works!


Terrain, foliage, building materials, distance from the nearest tower…any of these things or any combination could be preventing your cellular device from receiving a usable signal. Tired of slow downloads on your smart phones or tablet or maybe barriers in your business or home structure causing signal problems? Vejóre can amplify weak cellular signals safely and securely to provide reliable voice and data coverage – including 4G – inside your business or home where signals may not penetrate. A multi-provider cellular boosting system that features a self-optimizing microprocessor with a built-in graphical signal meter and cell site protections that prevent any possibility of interference with cell towers.


We can provide fewer dropped calls and lost connections, faster, cleaner data transfers, strong, reliable connections even in weak signal areas, enhanced indoor coverage area under certain signal conditions, extended battery life of cellular devices, FCC and Industry Canada certified, plus a three-year warranty.
Many of today’s business and homes are constructed with energy-efficient materials such as high-density or metal-backed insulation, low-energy glass and highly efficient roofing materials. Other obstructions like brick, stucco, stone, metal framework, venetian plaster, metal roofing, terrain or distance from cellular towers can also degrade a cellular signal. Whether you’re seeking coverage for your entire business or home or looking to enhance coverage in a weakened signal area like a basement or theater room, Vejóre has the cellular signal booster system for you to increase signal performance of all cellular devices for any network provider safe, secure, and done right.