Being a family-owned business, Vejóre strives to provide our clients with a safe and secure, innovative future-proof solutions for all their control, operation, and entertainment needs. We strive for complete satisfaction by proving personal and trustworthy before and after service.
We listen to our clients and understand their passions and expectations, providing turnkey, state-of-the-art, future-proof solutions that are easy to use, safe, secure, and done right the first time.

Aging and Accessibility NAHB®



The elderly population (persons age 65 years and older) in the United States grew faster than any other segment of the population during the 20th century - nearly four times as fast as the total U.S. population. Because of better nutrition, healthier lifestyles, better health care and advances in medicine, this growth rate is expected to continue well into the 21st century.
Vejóre can help you plan ahead for future aging-in-place needs by remodeling your home or business to fit your lifestyle and abilities. Aging-in-Place Home Design can keep you living comfortably at home for years to come.
Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS II) designation identifies professionals who are dedicated to serving the fastest-growing segment of the residential remodeling industry. We can describe the home ownership market as it relates to the three segments of the Aging in Place market. Consider contractual and legal concerns for building professionals providing design solutions for the Aging in Place. Perform a needs assessment to identify and prioritize the needs, wants, and wishes of the Aging in Place. Recommend specific design solutions for the Aging in Place client. Estimate and schedule the Aging in Place project while regarding special considerations.AAA2 Identify considerations for executing the job while the client is in residence.
Helping the aging and special needs client now and into the future with the four M’s:
Motion sensors
Motion pads
Medication reminders
Medical alerts


A recent advancement toward social integration involves those persons classified as disabled physically, mentally, or both. With the goal of ensuring equal access to all built environments and services, regardless of physical or cognitive ability, the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 was a significant step toward social equality, and its implementation has greatly accelerated the pace at which individuals with disabilities have been able to successfully integrate into the greater society.
Vejóre’s Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility (CAPS II) can help you understand the guidelines and requirements of accessibility, the importance of doing an assessment with input from occupational and physical therapists as well as qualified health care professionals, and the significance of good design in making modifications that can transform a house or business into an attractive, comfortable, safe and secure home for life.
Approaching design that makes your home or business more convenient and comfortable today but also helps you avoid unnecessary headaches and expensive modifications in the future.
Homes and business should be friendly to everyone, from children to senior citizens. These changes are not only the long-term thinking to make things more convenient and safer into the future, they also help make things more convenient and safer now.
Areas to concern are
The Exterior and Entrances
The General Floor Plan
The Kitchen
The Laundry Area
The Bedrooms
The Closets and Storage
The Stairs

General Points to Consider
1  Lighting
2  Electrical switches
3  Colors
4  Cabinets